Training 'Design thinking'

The Design thinking training was implemented from October 4 to 8, 2021 at the Business Start-up Center in Bar. The training was led by NLP trainer Danka Cetkovic. The aim of the training was to introduce young participants to the Design Thinking method and encourage them to take creative approaches to thinking and creating through DT.

Also, the purpose was to motivate participants to change perspectives in solving challenges and encourage them for new ideas.

Also, the goal was to work on improving communication skills among young people to exchange ideas, negotiate and present.

Topics covered during the training are:

• introduction to DT and stages of the DT process (empathy, problem solving, ideation, prototype and testing)

• how to change perspectives in thinking can lead to new ideas

• how to create solutions based on solving the problem of the selected target group

• how to create innovative solutions that can grow into an entrepreneurial idea

• how to reduce costs and prevent possible mistakes by creating a prototype of your idea and testing it 

• communication skills in the service of realization of ideas, negotiation and presentation skills

22 young people attended the training. Participants showed a high level of interest and motivation for active participation on the training. The atmosphere for work was dynamic and very stimulating. Young people suggested that they are lacking similar content, workshops, training programs, which would address topics such as career orientations, improving self-confidence, open and effective communication, strengthening teamwork and cooperation.

At the following link you can find video tutorial of this training: