Networking - Enterprise Europe Network Program

Whether in the popular press, government policies, corporate strategies or day-today conversations, the terms network or networking are unavoidable. Networks and networking are widely adopted as tools for supporting and promoting sustainable economic development. The Enterprise Europe Network, with its unique outreach through more than 600 partner organisations in 53 countries, has a clear mission: to bring businesses closer to businesses in order to help European SMEs to grow. Partner organisations include chambers of commerce and industry, agencies, universities and technology centres. Through local business organisations, such as BSC Bar, the Enterprise Europe Network helps small businesses to develop new markets, source or license new technologies and access EU finance and EU funding.Every year, tens of thousands of SMEs participate, with the help of the Enterprise Europe Network, in specialised matchmaking events targeting a vast range of industries. These events lead to the signature of thousands of commercial or technological cooperation partnerships. Through its Sector Groups, the Network can also target SMEs in specialised sectors, such as the tourism industry and sector group for women’s entrepreneurship.

The cooperation is realized according to the following procedure:

  •  It is necessary to fill in one of the specified forms:
    •      BCD Form (BUSINESS COOPERATION DATABASE) - in case you want to make  – business cooperation with enterprises        throughout the EU
    •      TECHNOLOGY OFFER Form – in case you have the technology you wish to offer
    •      TECHNOLOGY REQUEST Form – if you are in search of new technology       
  • We assist you in completing the forms
  • The next step is finding partners in the countries you have specified as the ones you want to make direct contact with