School competition for best business plan

The High School for Economic and trade in Bar organized on 03th April 2014 . the 'Competition for the best business plan' which was open for participation for third grades of all orientations.

Competition organizers are Aktiva of the economic / legal subjects from High School and representatives of BSC Bar, Director Ivana Tomasevic and project assistant Vesna Antunićević , who participated as members of the jury in the selection of the best business plan.

The goal of this competition is that students, through practical work, gain an insight into the bases of entrepreneurship, especially through the creation and presentation of their business ideas into business plans.

From 14 groups of students that have applied for the competition 12 groups presented their business ideas to the Selection Jury. Participants in the competition have presented interesting ideas in their business plan and have managed to show that, aldough they are young they have a sense of entrepreneurship and maturity for entrepreneurial ventures. The competition was organized for the second time (first competition of this type was organized last year), and the large amount of creativity and innovation of students was present even this time. The production sports balls Rubber virtual enterprises ' Popeye ' doo was evaluated as best business plan by the selection jury while other highly ranked business ideas were: the production of organic products from the pomegranate, producing a lemon and orange liquor, the idea of producing the essential oils of bay leaf, the production of woolen stockings and other wool products, production of organic wine and more...

Winners in the contest will have the opportunity to participate in the contest Third Exchange entrepreneurial ideas on 9 May of 2014. , In Podgorica organized UDG University. The Stock Exchange of entrepreneurial ideas aims to provide match supply with demand entrepreneurial ideas entrepreneurial ideas .

At the national competition , which will be held in Podgorica, Faculty of Economics, part 2 virtual enterprises from central economic and catering school in Bara as follows: doo ' POPAJ ' id.o.o. 'Sea of Pleasure ' , with its business plans made ​​as to the rights of the company and adapted to the requirements of the competition . The national competition will be held on 04.05.2014 , and will involve a total of 10 ideas virtual training firms from Montenegro and 10 ideas students from Faculty of Economics .