Winners of  Business Plan Competition 2018

The Best Business Competition Competition organized by the Business Center Bar was completed. The right to microcredit support under subsidized conditions was acquired by all 8 applicants. Business ideas related to the expansion of hotel and restaurant offerings, the adaptation and procurement of coffee equipment, fast food storage and sale, the opening of a hairdressing and beauty salon, supply of ships with a variety of goods, the purchase of vehicles for taxi service and the construction of basketball courts were presented. These are existing businesses, of which 2 are newly established or beginners in business. The decision on the best business plans was made by judges consisting of representatives of partner institutions according to the standard BSC procedure.


First place in the Competition and the right to the loan amount of 10000 euros was won by Mr. Željko Jovović of 'Turist NNJ' doo, for the expansion of the tourist hotel 'Turist'. Second place and the right to credit support of 8000 euros was awarded to Mr. Haris Krnić, Executive Director of Montenegro Shipping Company Ltd., for the idea of ​​supplying ships with diverse goods and to Marko Dabanović, Executive Director of Monte Glow doo for the idea of ​​building a basketball court. Others that have received the right to smaller loans are: Tatiana Sorokina from the company 'Alexandrina' doo for the expansion of the offer of the hotel 'Axenia, Vasilije Mišević -' MV 'doo for the idea of ​​saving and selling fast food, Ljiljana Klikovac, for opening hairdressing-beauty salon 'Be Beautiful', Abid Kalić, for the purchase of vehicles for the needs of the taxi service and Aleksandar Otašević for the adaptation and procurement of the equipment of the coffee bar 'Monsignor'.