Training 'Marketing and Sales'

In the office of BSC Bar on June 20 the first educational workshop on 'Marketing and Sales' was organized. The workshop was part of the project 'Cross-border routes to boost tourism and economic development of the system of Skadar Lake' implemented by the Union of Employers of Montenegro in cooperation with the BSC Bar.

The training was held by Ms. Tatjana Ivanovic who holds master degree in economic sciences and a wealth of experience in marketing through her work in companies like: Expo Commerce doo, doo Elmag and Elmag RTV. Through years of work has gained extensive experience and expertise in: drafting marketing communications, formulating advertising goals, designing and preparing advertising campaign, preparation of plan (dynamics of realization), choosing the most effective media, creating advertising messages, media planning, implementation and monitoring of advertising in all media, as well as the development of performance synopsis. Also, Tatjana has acquired extensive experience in the introduction of brand products on market in relation to merchangising activities; in shaping the radio and TV advertising messages, as well as in the preparation of advertising messages for print media and so on. Ms. Ivanovic has also worked as a trainer and consultant for BSC Bar implementing those services for entrepreneurs and for small and medium enterprises.

The training covered the following areas: presentation of business and products, sales skills, questioning skills, selling services, as well as handling customer objections. The trainees were: business owners, entrepreneurs, potential entrepreneurs, NGO representatives, students, unemployed persons from the territory of Bar and Ulcinj Virpazar.