Hackathon business ideas of young people

As part of the implementation of the Local Action Plan for Youth in 2024, the hackathon activity 'Best Entrepreneurial Idea', a competition in business ideas for young people, was organized by the Municipality of Bar in cooperation with the Business Start Center Bar.


The participants of the hackathon were young Barans aged 15 to 30 who had the opportunity to express their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, as well as to start their own business. The main areas for the development of business ideas were tourism and innovative solutions in the local community.


According to the jury's decision, the first place went to the business idea of ​​the innovative application 'PawCare', designed by Danil Monahov, Ilija Kalezić and Mihailo Roćenović. The application also contains an interactive map that allows the selection of a temporary pet sitter, along with an automatic display of their location on the map, which will make it easier for users to find people willing to sit.

Second place was won by the idea 'Valorization of non-promising assets owned by Montenegro' conceived by Teodora and Luka Gašić. The goal of the idea is to carry out a detailed cleaning of the two most powerful ships of the former Yugoslav navy, which the Ministry of Defense has been trying to sell for six years. The idea is to one ship sinks and serves as a diving attraction, and the other remains on land in the form of a museum with the equipment and part of the weapons that were used in that ship displayed inside.


The third place in the competition was won by the idea 'Application for free parking spaces and monitoring of events in the city' by Anđela Zindović, Dunja Stanojević and Sara Pepđonović, which refers to the development of the free application 'City spot', which would function as a comprehensive guide for the city of Bar'.


The municipality of Bar, as they stated, awarded the three first-placed business ideas with cash prizes of 500, 300, and 200 euros, respectively, while the other teams were awarded 100 euros each by the company Allegra, and jury president Mihailo Vukić handed certificates to all competitors. about participation.


The secretary of the Secretariat for Sport and Youth, Goran Simić, presented the prizes to the winners.


BSC Bar conceptually and logistically supported the activity that was previously implemented through projects.