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BSC Bar is organizing a workshop on SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP which will be held on March 24, 2022. starting at 9am.


Aim of the workshop:

 - understand the concept of social entrepreneurship

 - understand the difference between a social enterprise and a business enterprise and recognize and define social enterprises.

 - learn how to develop a model of social business venture

 - learn how to influence society through social entrepreneurship and how to measure the effect of that impact.


Contact for applications: 069379258, 069328304


 The workshop is organized within the Error 404 project from the Erasmus + Program

 The mentioned project is implemented by BSC Bar in partnership with Building Bridges from Spain (leading partner), Stowarzyszenie Aktywne Kobiety from Poland, Verein Fur Building Popedu from Austria, Faculty of Applied Social Studies from Nova Gorica from Slovenia.

 The goals of the project are:

 -Promote the motivation and development of new interests in women who are at risk of social exclusion by using new technologies.

 -Promote the active participation of these target groups in building skills, knowledge and competencies related to the proper use of new technologies, tools and methodologies and related to the creation of digital content,

 -Provide adult training centers with special emphasis on gender equality - at least 50% of the total number of participants must come from disadvantaged groups (economic difficulties, residence in rural areas, refugees, etc.)

 The project lasts until November 2022. During the project, a website will be created, followed by profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, managed by the partnership; involve at least 250 adult participants to participate in the Bootcamp; at least 100 adult trainers and educators; at least 100 disadvantaged women will join the Hubs and another 100 online; at least 20 refugees involved in Bootcamp and Hubs; at least 50 public and / or private organizations that will indirectly participate in the project, at least 10 women and / or trainers will have the opportunity for employment and / or practice during or after the project, thanks to the acquired knowledge.

 As part of this project, BSC Bar is working on the development of a social entrepreneurship module and the implementation of training for socially vulnerable groups.