Training App Development

The training 'Creating digital content: development of applications for mobile devices with App Inventor' was conducted from 11 to 15 October 2021 in the Business start up center in Bar. The trainer was Ms. Jasna Pejović, who has a master's degree in Information Technology Management and who has over 15 years of experience in leadership positions in international companies: Deutsche Telekom and Triglav. The objectives of the training were to acquaint young participants with the first steps towards knowledge of programming through learning a programming language: App Inventor, then getting to know the various components used in creating applications for mobile phones. Further, the goal was to teach participants to rewrite different events and learn to write code to be used in case a particular event is generated.

The training was attended by 20 participants who during this training independently created 7 simple mobile applications. The impressions of the participants were positive, they were very excited by the results of their work during the training. They were especially surprised that they did not expect that they would really master the basics of programming in training.

At the following link you can find video tutorial of this training: