Project 'WINDOW2BAR'

BSC Bar started implementing the project 'WINDOW2BAR'. The project aims to contribute to the development of Bar as a smart tourist destination. This means developing innovative tourism products and services using smart technologies and tools. The project is funded by the European Union and the Government of Montenegro through a 'Collaborative Grant Scheme for Innovative Project Ideas' implemented by the Ministry of Science. Over the next 18 months, the BSC Bar will employ 2 young researchers who will work to enhance knowledge and understanding of local tourism development opportunities.

Through this project we will also organize a workshop as well as a seminar with all relevant tourism institutions on topics such as digitization and gamification in tourism. During the project, digital infrastructure will be improved and a new model for presenting tourist content will be offered to the local community. Digital technologies are the future and in such an environment we want to affirm the culture, tradition and historical heritage of Bar and enhance the experience of tourists coming to our city.