Participating in Mentorship Training

Directorate for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises Montenegro has embarked on a project to promote and support mentoring and co-operation with the Government of Japan through the Japan International Cooperation Agency '' - JICA . The project entitled ' Internationalization and promotion of mentoring system in small and medium-sized enterprises '' is the first project of regional character, funded by the Government of Japan and project in addition of Montenegro includes Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

The goal of the project is to standardize and implement a mentoring model in order to support the smooth development and the reduction of the number of failed businesses and entrepreneurs providing comprehensive and timely support. Mentoring is a comprehensive process of support to entrepreneurs for the development and for the survival of the company. Working together, mentor and entrepreneur are trying to overcome the problem and to find the best solution for future business. Mentor acts as assistant , coordinator and adviser.

Selected training participants, employees of the Directorate for small and medium-sized and Enterprises, Business Center Bar and Business Center Cetinje were trained with five mentoring modules.

Nine selected mentors have the opportunity to:

Attend free training for mentors for its unique methodology used by the Directorate for SMEs developed by the Japan External Cooperation Agency JICA
Share their knowledge and experience of entrepreneurs and thus contribute to the development of entrepreneurship and general economic development in Montenegro .
Understand the benefits of mentoring services
Have a positive attitude and believe in their ideas
The aim of the project is to provide free mentoring services to selected entrepreneurs / companies for a period of 50 hours per client .

Content of Mentoring Services:

Diagnosing ie. analysis of the current situation in the company,
Assistance in the preparation of development activities / plans / projects in order to achieve the best possible business results.
Help in finding the necessary information and consulting
Help in finding a business partner
Assistance in the preparation of documents to be submitted to the banks and when applying for programs to support small and medium-sized enterprises.
Counseling and coordination of activities aimed at accessing funds, new technologies , consulting services , etc. .