Mentoring support of BSC Bar

BSC Bar offers mentoring support for small and medium-sized businesses as a part of the Japanese development agency JICA's program. This year, four  companies have applied for the mentoring program: Konto accounting doo, Justicia doo, Interastra group doo and Naura doo. Mentoring support involves pointing out the main problems of the company that need to be jointly contributed by the director and mentor.

As part of the mentor mentoring program, on Friday, October 25, 2019. representative of JICA -Japan Development Agency, Mr. Masashi Yamanaka, together with the staff of BSC Bar, visited  the company Interior Design Studio Ltd., which was using mentoring support during 2015. The purpose of the visit was to introduce this company to the 'KAIZEN' methodology and business principles.

 The Japanese work philosophy known as 'Kaizen' represents improvement through small steps and is the basis of Japanese business success. Through continuous improvement, great progress is being made at every place and moment, involving all employees in the organization, from management to workers.

 Mr. Yamanaka explained in his lecture that the improvement of business should be contributed by everyone and thus all employees should be allowed to make their suggestions and be part of the big picture.

During the training, all employees became actively involved and put forward their suggestions for improving working conditions, because it is in everyone's interest to work simpler, more efficient and faster, and to eliminate unnecessary losses in the work process. This is exactly what we wanted to achieve with this visit, that is, workers who perform certain activities in the company Interior Design Studio have the most knowledge about the activities themselves, their direct involvement in decision making, the way they work and the look of their workplace, in the best way improve their own working conditions.