Error 404 project- What is new

Error404 is a collaborative effort between countries, co-funded by Erasmus+, within key actions

It is a concerted effort to help bridge the technological gap in populations of women at risk of
exclusion, especially those looking to reinsert themselves back into he labor market and those
looking to undertake an entrepreneurial venture. Partners on project are coming from Spain,
Slovenia, Poland, Austria and Montenegro.
The objectives of the project are: 
-Promote the motivation and development of new interests in women at risk of social exclusion
(economic, geographic, refugee difficulties, first target group) through the use of new
-To promote the active participation of these target groups in the construction of skills,
knowledge and competences 
-Promote a conscious and correct use of new technologies. 
-Use better digital content, as well as tools and methodologies, 
-Provide adult training centers with a gender perspective that allows them to seek opportunities
for a more egalitarian sector.
From small ideas to big results, we want to help lay a solid digital foundation in order to provide the skills needed to compete in a digitalized world!


Learn about managing social networks, using Canva tool, communication and negotiation… and many other interesting things!