Business Incubator Tenants

1. TELE EYE - MONTENEGRO Ltd - is a multinational company engaged in the provision of wireless internet services in the municipality of Bar, as well as the sale, distribution and installation of remote video surveillance equipment, the TeleEye brand. Also, this company provides wireless networking via WiFi technology and sells WiFi devices at 5GHz and 2.4GHz of Ubiquity, Mikrotik and TP LINK.


 2. ART-OF-BIZ Ltd. is an agency that helps companies to reach as many clients as possible. The goal is business support for companies - all that is needed for a successful business, from idea to realization and running a successful business. In the company they perform the following activities: residence and work permits for foreigners, registration of activities, work permit, registration and signing of workers, creation of websites. 3. KB Ltd - web development. 4. FIT-CONSULTANT Ltd - business consulting. 5. RAFAILOVIC Ltd - plumbing and civil works


3. COCA-COLA HBC - Montenegro Ltd. - a foreign-owned company that produces, distributes and sells non-alcoholic drinks from the Coca-Cola brand. It is majority owned by its parent company Coca-Cola Hellenic. Coca-Cola Hellenic operates in 28 countries, offering products for more than 560 million people. The company's headquarters are located in Athens, and the company is listed on stock exchanges in Athens, New York, London and Sydney. The range of products includes: Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Light, Coca-Cola Zero, Fanta and Sprite; local brands, such as Rosa, Next, SU-Fruit, Joy; brands licensed by other companies, such as Nestea, Burn and Ultra Energy.


4. ROYAL INVEST Ltd. - renting apartments and catering

5. UNIQTOURS TRAVEL / TRADE Ltd. - this company provides the services of organizing travel and arrangements in Montenegro throughout the year, the most favorable booking and purchase of air tickets for all world destinations, organizing travel around the world, exotic and individual arrangements, spot manifestations, cruises, business fairs and others.  


6. DELUXE KOMFOR Ltd. Authorized representative of the renowned manufacturer of underfloor heating systems, the company 'TEPLOLUXE' (Russia) in the whole of the Balkans. This company deals with the import and distribution of electric underfloor heating, defrosting systems for buildings and urban environments, industrial systems for electric heating of pipelines and process equipment, etc. Products and solutions in accordance with international quality standards are exported to more than 30 countries. The company offers its partners a competitive advantage by providing quality services and innovative products, integrated services and comprehensive support for business development. The main task of the company is to create comfort with modern technology! Info:


7. KONTO ACCOUNTING Ltd. - This company offers bookkeeping services according to highly professional standards with maximum confidence. It deals with the professional provision of services in the field of financial and legal part of the business of the company, since the establishment and during its existence.


8. ING PROMICOM Ltd. - provides technical consulting services, engineering activities, testing of working environment conditions, means for work, monitoring application of occupational safety measures.


9. VALU Ltd. - Valu doo is engaged in the development of business plans and investment studies for entrepreneurs, beginners and those who are expanding their business. It also offers a complete range of accounting services, financial reporting, services for calculating staff salaries and communication services with tax authorities, and harmonizing the regular obligations of taxpayers with the Law.


10. DAMONT Ltd - deals with the import and distribution of fish and fish products, frozen chicken and meat. The company also deals with the import and distribution of stainless steel drums for the needs of viniri and oil mills. In line with the results achieved in the placement of fish and meat, we can say that this company has positioned itself well as a stable partner in foreign trade transactions. This company is really an important link for the successful placement of the mentioned products on the Montenegrin market.


11. OLICA Ltd. - This company provides the service of analytical bookkeeping, calculation of retail and wholesale prices, keeping VAT records, VAT calculation, making all calculations prescribed by law, calculating wages for workers, founders and owners, - net, gross, taxes and contributions, net wage disbursements through the implementation of administrative and / or court bans, calculation of all wage compensations, calculation of all other personal earnings of employees, calculation of remuneration under works contracts, temporary and occasional affairs and the like, interpretations of regulations from the framework of economic and financial business.


12. NGO HEALTHY LIFESTYLES is an NGO that represents and sells Herba Life weight loss products.


13. MURATORI doo deals with the design of buildings, residential and commercial buildings as well as civil engineering structures, roads, promenades, parking lots and more. Also, this company is engaged in the preparation of geodetic bases and studies, projects for monitoring the soil and buildings during construction, then the construction of high-rise buildings of reinforced concrete, steel structures and wooden structures. Professional and qualified staff of the company is in charge of professional supervision of all types of construction works.


14. ATACO doo is a company representing Atlantic Group, one of the leading food companies in the region with well-known regional brands. Ataco is a leading distributor of consumer goods in the region of Southeast Europe with 17 distribution centers, over a thousand vehicles and direct access to over 70 thousand points of sale, highly developed knowledge in key customer management, product category management, logistics and trade marketing. Atlantic Group's products have a significant presence in Russia, CIS countries and Western Europe. Atlantic Group employs a total of about 5,300 people. The company is headquartered in Zagreb, production facilities are located in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Macedonia, and companies and representative offices in 8 countries.

 15. GO-ING doo directs all its activities towards objective, impartial and professional service to customers, constant work on the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases, raising awareness of occupational safety and health, prevention of environmental pollution in compliance with all regulations, international conventions and recommendations, application of modern methods and procedures within the registered activity, rational use of human and technical resources.


16. THE DOTS doo is a car rental agency that provides customers with a range of car rental services.


17. DENIDA doo is a company whose main activity is the production of its own products, which according to the highest standards of the European Union (HACCP-food safety system) are produced in its own laboratory. Denida's team of experts has produced a large number of products that fall into the domain of dietary products and auxiliary medicinal products with a recipe that relies on and creates an ideal blend of traditional and modern. So today Denida products can be found in most cities across the region. In addition to the above, Denida products are successfully exported outside the borders of our country. On the path of continuous business and professional development, Denida gathered doctors, doctors of pharmacy, technologists, pharmaceutical technicians, but also employees of other necessary qualifications.


18. CLUSTER FOR LEGALIZATION AND REPRESENTATION OF REAL ESTATE is an NGO that deals with legalization of real estate. The center was created through the recognized need of clients for information related to legalization. Namely, with the announcement of the beginning of real estate legalization in Montenegro, a large number of clients from the country (non-residents and residents) as well as our people from the diaspora are still interested every day in order to get more information about legalization of buildings in Montenegro.


 19. A&E NEKRETNINE doo is a company whose main activity is real estate on the Montenegrin market. In addition, the company also offers marketing support, which includes a package of services such as marketing plan development, digital marketing, support in creating a business plan, as well as support in personal branding.


20. ZLATNA OBALA doo is engaged in renting tourist accommodation facilities.