Business Incubator


Teams and individual entrepreneurs with viable business projects can become tenants of business incubators. Process of accepting tenant application is pre-defined and is dependent on the number of available office spaces. Every year the winners of the business plan competition are offered the use of the business premises of a business incubator under subsidized conditions.

Incubator has at their disposal a range of resources and support services available to them during the critical period of their business for a period of 3-5 years, such as:

Use of office space under favorable conditions
Consulting Services
Access to bank loans
Free registration of the company
Training programs for business skills

Staff of business center, in order to enable tenants to conduct their businesses better organizes: entrepreneurial-oriented training, business mentoring and coaching, know-how consulting all with the scope of increasing the market presence of the tenant. We offer support for accessing the trade fairs and business-to-business meetings with potential partners.

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