Public Call for mentoring services in 2018

Public call for providing mentoring services carried out by the Ministry of Economy in cooperation with 
business centers / units of local self-government, is intended for micro, small and medium enterprises
and entrepreneurs in order to support uninterrupted development and reduce the number of unsuccessful
economic entities.   The mentoring process takes place according to the established mentoring scheme,
developed in cooperation with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).
The methodology determines the steps in the process within which the professional mentor is in direct
contact and working with the founder and / or the responsible person of the undertaking a certain number of
hours, 25 for newly established companies and 50 for the existing ones, in the premises of the users
(not less than 70 % of the total number of hours envisaged).
The founder and / or the responsible person of the business entity and the mentor jointly study the current
business, analyze the current situation, diagnose the reasons for the current problems or disruptions for
further development, look at the growth potentials, and on the basis of the stated condition, the mentor
and the mentoring service users prepare the development plan.

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