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Business Incubator Tenants

1. TeleEye-Montenegro Ltd.

TeleEye Montenegro Ltd. is a multinational company that is specialized in providing wireless internet in the municipality of Bar , as well as in distribution and installation of equipment for remote video surveillance  manufactured by ,,Teleeye’’  . Also , the company provides wireless networking via Wi-Fi technology and sells WiFi devices (5GHz and 2.4GHz ) manufactured by Ubiquiti , Mikrotik and TP LINK .

2. Art-of- Biz Ltd.

Art - of - Biz Business Marketing Service is an agency that helps companies to reach as soon as possible a lot of clients . The goal of the company is to provide business support to companies - anything that is needed for a successful business , from concept to implementation and running of successful business . The company performed the following activities : residence and work permits for foreigners , registration activities , authorization , registration and cancellation of workers , creating web sites.

3. Eko-Tim Ltd.

The company provides services in the field of fumigation, disinfection , pest control , deodorization of offices, kindergartens, hospitals , residential premises as well as other indoor and outdoor surfaces . The company has trained staff and technical resources for the most complex tasks in the field of fumigation,disinfection and pest control. The main tasks of the company are performed according to the highest European standards thanks to continuous improvement , raising and developing the quality of its services , good organization , with maximum and rational use of technical resources.

4. Antares MNE Ltd.

Antares MNE is company that is specialized in providing wireless internet in the municipality of Bar and Ulcinj . By connecting to the network, users receive not only high speed and reliability , but also the mobility network of the fourth generation . The company can provide Internet access across whole cities or countries.Additionally, it is now economically viable to provide broadband Internet access in remote locations.

5. Uniqturs travel/ trade Ltd.

This company provides travel services and tourist arrangements in Montenegro throughout the year , the best reservation and purchase of air tickets for all world destinations , as well as organizes trips around the world , exotic and individual arrangements , sports events , cruises , business fairs and etc.

6. Baracuda 3 Ltd.

Baracuda 3 Ltd. is an agency that aims to provide fast and efficient service and offers its customers a large selection of properties for the appropriate price . In this way, the company ensures that its buyers and sellers get the highest level of service , value and satisfaction that meets their expectations. The services of this company include : free advice on how to best present the property , making the concept of the advertisement free of charge , estimation the market value of the property , legal assistance in obtaining the necessary documentation , preparation of photographs and production of CDs of the property , the highest quality advertising on the website of the company etc .

7. Deluxe- Komfor Ltd.

The company is an authorized representative of the renowned manufacturer of floor heating systems , ' Teplolux ' ( Russia ) in the Balkan market . This company is engaged in import and distribution of devices for electric underfloor heating , defrosting systems for building and urban areas , industrial electrical heating systems of pipelines and process equipment , etc . Products and solutions are in accordance with international quality standards and are exported to more than 30 countries . The company provides its partners a competitive edge by providing quality services and innovative products , integrated services and comprehensive support for business development .The main task of the company is to create comfort with modern technology.  Info :

8. Konto Accounting Ltd.

This firm offers bookkeeping services based on high professional standards with maximum confidence . The company deals with the provision of professional services in the field of the legal and tax obligations of the companies, from their establishment and throughout their existence.

9. Olivmont Ltd.

Olimont is a company specialized in the production of handmade natural olive oil soaps.The soaps are created in small batches using a natural olive oil, lavender, sage and other botanical from the  the hills of Montenegro, Italy , Croatia.  These ingredients are carefully chosen for their many benefits. The addition of 100% natural essential & fragrance oils makes handmade soaps a super sudsy, healthy, velvet like fragrant treat that will leave your skin soft & smooth.Natural handmade soaps are crafted using natural herbs, spices & clays and are scented with 100% pure essential oils. These completely natural soaps contain no artificial colors or fragrances .The company is looking for trade intermediaries: pharmacies, beauty salons, sanatoriums, medical and health-improving centers, natural cosmetics shops. 

10. Ing Promicom Ltd.

The company provides technical consulting, implements of safety measures and services for all who want to get an energy certificate for their building, house, office space or apartment. Energy certification of buildings represents a new chapter in the economy in general, as it brings new standards of energy that require new approaches to the management and performance of buildings. 

 11. Damont Ltd

Damont Ltd is specialized in import and distribution of fish and fish products, crustaceans, frozen meat and vegetables for Montenegrin and other Balkan markets.
Shipments are handled by well trained and experienced staff and equipped with advanced packing and quarantine facilities. All imported goods are properly climatized and quarantined and shipments come with official health certificates from the country of origin's Veterinary Services agency. The company also import and distribute stainless steel tanks for the storage of liquid foods (wine and olive oils).

12. iBookHotel Ltd.

This company has many years of experience in providing IT services. It uses agile methodologies of software development   that are closely rely on TDD (Test Driven Development), and  creation of  automated tests for each software module. Thereby reducing the possibility of errors and ensures high quality of the supplied software QA (Quality Assurance). It also deals with creating a dedicated business software for business tourism. The company developed a software package called iBookHotel, which allow travel agencies to expand its offer globally through advanced system for online booking. In addition to the software business in the tourism industry develops and dedicated business software for: Event management (Participant, Abstract, Exibitors), finance (monitoring income and expenditure), which also can be adapted to the business needs of clients. Info:

13. Monte Print Ltd.

This company creates and develops conceptual design and advertisements of all types and sizes (roof advertising, advertising on the facade of objects).  Also, this company produces souvenirs with Montenegrin motives, city billboards, logos and a complete prepress, 3D letters from plexiglass, stainless steel, brass, styrofoam, etc.

14. NTG projekt Ltd.

NTG project provides design , engineering , consulting to domestic and foreign investors with a special license for the design and analysis of structures in this area .

15. Valu Ltd

Valu Ltd. is engaged in the services of business planning and feasibility studies for entrepreneurs beginners and those who expand their business . It also offers a complete range of accounting services , financial reporting , payroll services,  perform services connected with tax authorities and offer pro - active support in organizing  of the accounting function of their clients  while  achieving maximum tax optimization.

16. DP Monte Ltd.

DP Monte Ltd. is engaged in design, consulting and construction of buildings in building the system ,, turnkey ,, or in stages . The company was established with the idea to set aside and is known for its quality and respect for procedures , deadlines and norms in architecture and construction .

17. HR Partners  Ltd

HR Partners Ltd is one of the leading companies in the provision of personnel services in Montenegro . Their partners are companies and job seekers . For companies that strive to increase their competitiveness , the company offers tailored solutions. Candidates and employees in the process of their development are support by personnel counselor. More:   http : //  

18. Iqria Ltd.

Iqria Ltd is a company that deliver to its users a complete solutions in the field of software applications i.e  complete solution for efficient, optimal and productive business. These software tools allow companies automated network management, user data, warehouse operations and efficient use of communication and IT resources.

19. Yaht Agent Montenegro Ltd.

Yaht Agent Montenegro performs agency services for yachts , as well as for cargo ships on commercial journeys.  

20. Smart Assistance  Ltd.

This company offers consumers a ventilation system with heat recovery ,, Prana ' ' . With this device , users effectively solve problems with moisture ,  condensation, etc.                                  

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