Microcredit support

Microcredit support

Micro-Credits for the Best Business Idea

Nowadays, a good entrepreneurial idea can be gold-worthy, but the way to realization is often long and strenuous. In order to encourage new and existing small and medium-sized enterprises, to bargain into the world of entrepreneurship, the Business Start-Up Center Bar is implementing a number of measures, and one of them is the Competition for the Best Entrepreneurial Idea.

The Business Start-Up Center has been organizing the best entrepreneurial idea for the eighth year in a row, with the aim of encouraging good ideas and creating an entrepreneurial climate and opening up new businesses and jobs. 

BSC Bar aims to support as many projects as possible contributing to the improvement of the local community especially those that result in economic empowerment and the development of entrepreneurship. We want to see the enthusiasm and fresh, innovative ideas of citizens who rely on local resources. 

We offer all participants in the Competition:

Loan under favorable conditions of 6% interest, with a grace period of 6 months, with a return period of 4 years

Pre-incubation (advisory support to development teams in the phase prior to the establishment of the company- checking entrepreneurial ideas, mentoring, business plan development, counseling and education), or Incubation for the company (Organizational and advisory support and use of the business premises with lease subsidy of 50%).

Based on various experiences and knowledge, practical experiences of older entrepreneurs, through workshops, employees at BSC Bar help solve complex situations through theory, which the entrepreneur could not foresee at the beginning, and they happen later in the business process. In solving business problems at their disposal are consultants who lead them through the process of defining their business concept, from defining the market and product attributes to creating a business exit strategy. 

Business Start-Up Center enabled competitors to enter the incubator, while subsidizing business premises. By entering into the business incubator, it is easier to access the resources that are necessary for faster and better development of the new company. Enterprises are enabled to access and network with foreign partners, such as the Enterprise Europe Network program. 






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